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Those nights we sit in analysis paralysis

Watching one trailer after the other

Not getting any closer to deciding

What movie to watch that night

It’s always a Friday night

That’s movie night

Romcom or Thriller

Time piece or comedy

Why do the trailers give the whole movie away

We ask

Then, we give ourselves a time limit

Pick a movie within in the next ten minutes

After ten minutes go by

A movie has been selected

Whether we enjoy it or not

At this point, that’s irrelevant

Then, we reminisce on walking through the aisles

Of Blockbuster

We all gather with our movie selections

Only one or two would make it the final cut

As we looked at the cover of each movie

We would discuss

Analyze, collectively

Would it be worth it to take it home and pop into our VHS or DVD player

At checkout

We’d pick up some sour patch kids and M&Ms

The perfect pairing for movie night

It was an event

The nostalgia of no trailers

With no paradox of choice

You pick a movie

You watch a movie

Then, trailers became the bane of our existence

Watching trailers for hours

The same amount of time it would take to watch a full movie

What are we watching tonight?

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