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Hippos Desplazados

He promised his unborn children they’d have a zoo, or better yet, a “reserva natural.” The Escobar home in Medellín would be home to all...


*context: this is a piece I wrote in a poem-form while taking an apocalypse course* In the Midwest, trains derailed leaving no tracks In...


“No jeans tomorrow,” my cousin advised before I went to bed. I was leaving the family lounge when he commented. Not that I wear jeans...

Love Words

Do you know how many ways to say “love”? In Arabic, over fifty. Each word reflects a different intimacy with love Romantic love,...


Those nights we sit in analysis paralysis Watching one trailer after the other Not getting any closer to deciding What movie to watch...


“300 meters before the Mariposario,” I would explain to the pizza delivery guy. It was the easiest point of reference as he’d be coming...


Not me, no mourning this morning. Tears come and waters flow but only from joy. This joy comes from knowing that you are alas reunited...

"Natural Disaster"

Back then, there was no way to know what was happening abroad without television. We did our best to get a hold of our family in Pakistan...


Her phone vibrated as she drank the last sip of coffee before leaving for work–it was a message from her mother. “My Dear, Recite all...


Soaring through the sky, from one tree to the next, that’s the closest I’ve ever felt to being Superman. What an incredible man who...

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